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File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: PDF is a rather convenient file format to present and exchange documents. It guarantees reliability, works independently of any kind of software, hardware, or OS. The PDF format was invented by Adobe. Now it is an open standard maintained by the International Organization for Standardization. PDFs may contain links, buttons, form fields, audio and video content and some other elements. PDF files can be password-protected, edited and signed electronically.
Technical Details: PDF file format meets ISO 32000 standards for electronic document exchange. This includes special-purpose standards i.e. PDF/A used for archiving, PDF/E for engineering, and PDF/X for printing. The PDF includes the following technologies: a subset of the PostScript page description programming language, a font-replacement system, a structured storage system to bind these elements and associated elements into a single file.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
Useful links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDF


How to guide

How to Split a PDF online with AltoSplitPDF

  1. Press Choose File and upload a document.
  2. Select or enter the numbers of each page you intend to separate.
  3. Press Split Now! and wait while the platform works with your file.
  4. Edit and sign the document by clicking on Edit Documents and Sign and Secure, respectively.
  5. Download the new document(s) by clicking on Save Document As.

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In addition to its direct function of splitting PDF pages, AltoPDF is full of other valuable features for online document management. Check out the table below to get a clear understanding why AltoPDF outperforms the competition. Choose the solution that works best for you and your needs.

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I work with children, so I regularly need to split PDF documents into separate pages for worksheets, games, etc. AltoPDF saves the day makes it easy for me.



While I’m preparing for my studies splitting manuals into pages comes in handy. I learned about AltoPDF from my classmates and I’m totally satisfied with this tool!



I guess it’s one of if not the best solution for splitting PDF files. You get separate pages within a few seconds and you can download them instantly and for free!

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How to Split PDF Files

Do you want to split large files into smaller parts? Use this service to complete the process free, fast and effortless. It is perfect both for annual and regular docs splitting.

How to Split a PDF Online 

Splitting PDFs online can be a fast and smooth process if you’re employing a robust web-based tool like altosplitpdf.com. The intuitive interface and absence of ads actually makes splitting pages so easy it’s enjoyable. Focus on separating and creating new files without being bombarded by distracting ads. AltoSplitPDF allows you to work on an unlimited number of files per day and is cross-platform compatible, enabling you to work from desktop or mobile an on any OS. 

To split a PDF online:

  1. Go to altosplitpdf.com.
  2. Click on Choose file and upload one from either your device or the cloud.
  3. Click on the pages you want to extract or specify specific page numbers.
  4. Once, you’ve selected pages, click Split Now!
  5. Wait for a couple of seconds and then choose Edit Documents or Sign and Secure.
  6. If you don’t intend to edit the document, click Save Document As or Share

The service boasts a full-featured online editor to edit your document(s) in Portable Document Format before downloading. Add and remove text, highlight and blackout sentences, add images and notes, e-sign documents, etc. In addition, all the files processed on the platform are secure and protected by industry-leading encryption. Give AloPDF a try and split a PDF into pages!

BackgroundHow to Split a PDF Online 


The easiest and the fastest way to split a PDF is via an online tool. Go to altosplitpdf.com, upload your file, click Split Now!, and download two separate Portable Document Format files. As the service is compatible with many platforms, users can import and export files to/from the cloud.